First $25 From

$25 Swag Bucks

$25 Swag Bucks

Ok so here is the first payment I’ve received from ($25 PayPal Gift Card) which is converted to cash$$$. I won’t lie, it took me over a month to get it, but I think it’s because it was while I was learning the ropes as well as not really being focused on it. Swagbucks, in my opinion is NOT a quick way to earn money, but it can bring in some kind of income. The key to earning more bucks first of all is hitting the daily limits so you can get bonus bucks. Second and most importantly, REFERRALS. You can earn up to 1,000 swag bucks per referral which pretty much means you are earning while your referrals are doing all the work. I’m at the beginning (IF THAT) on my Make Money Online journey so I’ll be documenting my progress. I plan on saving 100% of my income earned online. As for this $25, IT WENT STRAIGHT INTO MY GAS TANK!

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